Carport Solution

Short Description:

Waterproofing Carport Solution for PV Solar Panels can be used as an charging station directly for electrical vehicle once well connected to the charging cabinet.

Compared with traditional carport, The optimized inner structure on FOEN waterproofing carport top make it possible to lead, collect and emit rainfall with waterproofing system, reaching structural waterproofing and protecting the carport inside effectively. In additional, the non-penetrating joint of water chute can be loaded and disassembled repeatedly, thus reducing on-site workload significantly.

Product Detail


Material    Solar Rack System
Surface Treatment    Average Anodizing Coating Thickness 12μm AverageHot-galvanized Coating Thickness65μm
Panel Type    Framed & Frameless
Wind Load    60m/s
Snow Load   1.4KN/m2
 Panel Orientation    Landscape/Portrait
 Tilt Angle    0°~60°
Seismic Load    Lateral seismic factor: Kp=1;  seismic coefficient: Z=1; Use coefficient: I=1
Standards    JIS C 8955 : 2017AS/NZS 1170DIN1055ASCE/SEI 7-05

International Building Code: IBC 2009

 Warranty   15years quality warranty, 25years life span warranty

FOEN Carport Solution


FOEN Carport Solution develops an effective Solar energy system with cacant space while providing a shelter for vehicles.It can be used as an charging station directly for electrical for electrical vehicle once well connected to the charging cabinet.

Components List

1.Inter Clamp Kit
2.End Clamp Kit
3.T Rail Connector
4.T Rail
5.Pre-assembled Support
6.Pre-buried Bolts
7.T-Rail Clamp
8.Beam Cap

Installation Steps

1.Make Concrete Foundation as Planned
2.Install CP pre-assembled Support
3.Fasten T Rail
4.Install Solar Panels
5.Installation Completed

Technical Parameter

Installation Site: Open Ground
Foundation: Concrete Bars
Tilt Angle: 0º-60º
Wind Load: ≤60m/s
Snow Load: ≤2500mm
Seismic Load: Lateral Seismic Factor:Kp=1;Selsmic Coefficient;Z=1;
Use Coefficient; 1=1
Standards: JIS C 8955;2017;AS/NZS 1170;DIN 1055;ASCE/SEI 7-05;
International Building Code; IBC 2009


Multiple Applications: Serve as charging station for electrical vehicle while develop a renewable energy for the installers.
Quick Installation: Highly pre-assembled before shipment,save your onsite labor cost
High Quality: Select raw material 6005-T5 and SUS304.The stability and safety verified in mechanical analysis and static loading experiments have ranked top among the industry.
Warranty: 15years'warranty, 25 years'life span.


1. Easy installation.
The professional design makes this photovoltaic systems install easily. So it saves your time and labor.
2. High quality.
All of our photovoltaic systems have the certificates of ROSH, CE, TUV, SGS and ISO with 25 years service life. Also we provide the at least 15year warranty.
3. Competitive price.
Concise design saves the materials a lot and makes costs of photovoltaic systems very competitive.
 4. Design.
We provide customized design of photovoltaic systems for your projects.
 5. Quick delivery
The safety package and quick delivery from our own factory.


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