Agricultural Solution

Short Description:

Green Houses Mounting System (ecological solar solution) makes full use of Farming lands and develops clean energy from the sun, bringing a cleaner future to human beings.

Product Detail


Material    Solar Rack System
Surface Treatment    Average Anodizing Coating Thickness 12μm AverageHot-galvanized Coating Thickness65μm
Panel Type    Framed & Frameless
Wind Load    60m/s
Snow Load   1.4KN/m2
 Panel Orientation    Landscape/Portrait
 Tilt Angle    0°~60°
Seismic Load    Lateral seismic factor: Kp=1;  seismic coefficient: Z=1; Use coefficient: I=1
Standards    JIS C 8955 : 2017AS/NZS 1170DIN1055ASCE/SEI 7-05

International Building Code: IBC 2009

 Warranty   15years quality warranty, 25years life span warranty

FOEN Agricultural Solution

Agricultural Solution-4

FOEN Agricultural Solution makes full use of farming lands while develops clean energy from the sun, bringing cleaner future for human beings.

Technical Parameter

Installation Site: Open Ground
Foundation: Ground Screw
Panel Orientation: Landscape/Portrait
Tilt Angle: 0º-60º
Wind Load: ≤60m/s
Snow Load: ≤2500mm
Seismic Load: Lateral Seismic Factor:Kp=1;Selsmic Coefficient;Z=1;
Use Coefficient; 1=1
Standards: JIS C 8955;2017;AS/NZS 1170;DIN 1055;ASCE/SEI 7-05;
International Building Code; IBC 2009


Surface Treatment : Aluminium Profiles:average coating thickness≥12um
Galvanized Profiles:average coating thickness≥75um
Enough Sunshine: Reserve enough sunshine(Shading rate:30%-40%) to keep the normal growth of plants.
Quick Installation: Highly pre-assembled design with quicker and more flexible application on farms.
Warranty: 15years’ warranty,25years’ life span

Components List

Agricultural Solution-3

1.End Clamp Kit
2.Inter Clamp Kit
3.T Rail
4.T Rail Connector
5.Back Post
6.AG Pre-assembled
7.Middle Post
8.Rail Clamp
9.Front Post
10.AG Anchor Plate
11.Hexagon Bolt M10*110
12.Ground Screw
13.Side Support

Installation Steps

1.Ram Screws as Planned
2.Install Anchor Plates on Flanges of Screws
3.Install Posts
4.Fasten AG Pre-assembled Parts onto Posts
5.Install Side Support
6.Install T Rail onto Pre-assembled Support
7.Install Solar Panels
8.Installation Completed


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