(Focus on FOEN) The safety of doors and Windows under the 18 typhoon witnessed the safety of FOEN high security system of doors and windows

Yutu-the strongest typhoon,hit the US northern Mariana Islands, causing some casualties and damage to homes, demolishing homes, uprooting power poles and leaving towns in ruins.


In a wilderness ravaged by a category 18 typhoon, there remains a hilltop villa that has caused incredible damage even to saiban locals.Even after the sweep of a category 18 typhoon, it is still impregnable, enabling a building to survive in a category 18 super typhoon. Doors and Windows play a crucial role.

Most of the doors and windows cannot afford such huge typhoon. However, FOEN ‘s high security doors and windows can can support under the attack of 18 typhoons. No damage , no cracking.

The whole villa is surrounded by the environment of “high air tightness” and “high water tightness”. Even though there is a storm outside the window, there is no gap between the Windows and doors.


The test of grade 18 typhoon has witnessed the safety quality of FOEN high-end safety Windows and doors.


FOEN aluminum doors and windows system. Performance is the hearted data. It has high air tightness, high water tightness, high intensity and excellent heat insulating, winter proof and sound insulating performance. The grade of air impermeability reach 6 which can stop air leaking and the entrance of dust. Keeping clean indoor. Heat insulation is another important index, K factor is 0.8, low energy consumption, keep your house temperture fairly mild in winter and rather cool in summer. wind pressure resistance capacity is also a highlight of that, product will not deformation or fall off at 100meters height. High standard waterproofness, water leaking will not be happened under grade 12 typhoon. Last one Sound insulation, Reduce 35 db.

So far we have already researched and developed 4 main series: German Eiko Series, luxury home series, extremly prefect series and Chinese classical series.

FOEN was the First Company Who Founded Aluminium Window & Door System Institute In China. Sometimes, our customers will ignore this part. While this is the most improtant part to be cared about in our whole system windows and doors team. First means long-lasting means experienced. That is why we are so proud of them.That is why we have the Biggest Aluminium Window & Door System Research Team In China. Time flies, in 2017, the second aluminum production base Henan FOEN aluminium Factory was bulit, almost at the same time, Foen has already been Top 5 aluminium suppliers in China and won China’s 500 most valuable Factorys. Till now, we are still keeping moving. The achievement we got is also the responsibility we shoulder. We will be always focus on provide the most professional service to our customer.

Post time: Jul-29-2020