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Analyze the reconstruction of Afghanistan from the perspective of construction economics and highlight the advantages of aluminum in industry and construction.

Today, we are discussing the perspective of construction economics for the future reconstruction of various projects in Afghanistan,and talk about the advantages of aluminum in industry and construction.Afghanistan’s infrastructure has been decimated, with railways, roads and power plants in tatters,The reconstruction of Afghanistan presents both opportunities and challenges,it requires a large amount of cement, steel and mining, metal resources, construction machinery, etc.China is known as an expertise on public infrastructure around the world China’s overseas business covers the whole world. After the launch of the belt and Road Initiative,most countries and regions along the belt and Road are highly compatible with their foreign development strategies. Meanwhile, Afghanistan is also the core region of the Belt and Road initiative.It’s not just China,there are significant opportunities for related infrastructure companies all over the world

Aluminum profiles have always played an incalculable role in various major industries, especially in construction and industry. Referring to the construction industry, there must be a lot of people are still in the impression of wood, stone, steel and concrete or other materials, but with the continuous development of metal processing and civil engineering technology, now the building materials are more and more abundant, which makes aluminum began to show its talents in the construction industry ,Industrial aluminum profile is a kind of industrial aluminum products processed by high strength alloy. From an economic point of view, it highlights a significant feature of industrial aluminum profile  that its weight is particularly light, for transported assembly and installation ,a series of processes can save a lot of expenses, especially some of the work environment is more demanding place, the use of industrial aluminum greatly reduces the burden of installation workers from its performance, industrial aluminum also has corrosion and rust resistance, strong and firm High durability and other excellent performance, so aluminum began to be widely used in the field of construction, it has huge market value and potential compared with the general steel or building materials and has many advantages that are difficult to replicate, which is to meet the needs of some specific building basic elements With the continuous progress of industrial aluminum processing technology, the price of industrial aluminum profile produced by people is also falling,in the future we can we can use more affordable industrial aluminum profile products and put in building field and other industry widely.

Analyze-2Future reconstruction projects in Afghanistan,This also means that for the aluminum industry, opportunities and challenges co-exist,focus on project and look for potential opportunities , we will wait and see !



Post time: Aug-23-2021