Aluminium Folding Door

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FOEN’s  Bi-fold door are Providing a stylish design with a high quality finish, the Bi-fold door is ideal for entertainment areas. What makes it so popular is that with the panels folded back, there is nothing between you and the great outdoors. The outboard track system enables easy cleaning and the low-force sliding system provides maximum performance.

The Bifold door can be used in conjunction with Bifold windows and can have a left or right opening direction to suit your home.

Product Detail


(1) Top Quality Thermal Break Aluminum Profiles-Powder Coating Finishing
(2) Interior & Exterior Same Color TBC
(3) Fully Tempered Safety Double Glazing, 6mm+12Ar+6mm, Advanced Low-E Coating, Argon Gas Filled, Technoform-TGI-Composite Advanced Warm-Edge Spacer.
(4) Top Quality Italy Brand Heavy Duty Hardware and Accessories.
(5) Retractable Fly Screens


FOEN D93 aluminuium bifold door system provides a comprehensive solution for the building;Three rubber strips are sealed, and the middle rubber strip gives full play to the function of rain curtain principle, so that the product has good air and water tight performance.Higher metal bearing can realize the opening of large partition, easier to meet the needs of a variety of building partition;The flat design of outdoor frame fans also makes the building appearance more simple and beautiful, suitable for middle and high-end projects.

Technical parameters  
1. Material  
Frame width:  93mm
Fan width:  78mm
Up slide width:  93mm
Glide path width:  93mm
2. Glass:  The maximum glass plate thickness is 39mm
3. Hardware slot:  special slot
4. Open form: Folding door
5. Performance
Water tightness:  Class 6, GB/T7106-2008
Air tightness: Class 7, GB/T7106-2008
Wind pressure resistance:  4.6kPa,GB/T7106-2008 class 8
Sound insulation:  Rw (C;35 (Ctr) = 2;- 5) dB, level 3 GB/T7106-2008
Insulation:  K=2.7 (5+12Ar+ 5low-E),GB/T8484-2008 Level 5


1. High quality sealing system makes the sealing performance of the whole window reach the extreme.
2. The glue injection Angle setting technology can effectively improve the Angle strength of the Angle setting and reduce the possibility of water seepage.
3. The whole frame adopts lower drainage structure design and is equipped with waterproof poncho to effectively improve the waterproof performance of the whole window.
4. The cavity of the heat insulation strip and the glass are equipped with foam insulation strip to expand the heat insulation area to effectively prevent heat conduction, heat radiation and heat convection.Improve the heat insulation performance of the whole window to prevent condensation on the glass edge.
5. The window screen integrated design is equipped with high-quality 304 stainless steel diamond mesh effective anti-mosquito.
6.This one totally high-end buyer using,however,after assembled,you find it worthy that much.

Ranking among China top 5 Aluminum profile Manufacturers, FOEN covers an area of 1,340,000(One million three hundred and forty thousand) square meters with more than 3500 employees, housing 3 production bases, Fujian FOEN Aluminum Industry Town,Covers an area of 6 hundred and seventy thousand square meters. Henan FOEN Aluminum Industry town, Covers an area of four hundred thousand square metes. Fujian FOEN Stainless steel production base, Covers an area of one hundred and thirty-five square meters, A headquarter in fuzhou city ,Covers an area of one hundred and thirty-five square meters, also 2 institutes, FOEN Window Institute and FOEN Business Institute, Based on professional Research& Development design center, FOEN windows and doors can be suitable for various area climates, usage preferences and esthetic demands. High performances: Grade 8 wind resistance Grade 7 air tightness Grade 4 water tightness Heat insulation K value 2.0 to 0.8 Super sound insulation Anti-mosquito Burglary resistant Anti-falling Easy to escape.
Production Line
Regarding production lines, We introduced into over 50 sets CNC moulding equipments, Our annual moulding production capacity more than fifteen thousand pieces which make new design more flexible and faster.
For the very beginning CASTING, We always use A00 pure aluminum ingots which of a purity not less than 99.
And we have professional inspectors examine after every process . finally the chief engineer signs the inspection report like the form, analysing the chemical composition(The profiles are made of A00 pure aluminum ingots are of a purity not less than 99, Akzo Nobel Power the biggest paint manufacturer in the world is used in the powder coating treatment; Nippon Paint famous paint manufacturer in the world is used in the electrophoresis treatment. And testing mechanics performance , only qualified products will be shipped out. That is why we always guarantee our quality for 32 years.


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